Company Overview

CAMELOT (Computerized Analysis of MEdical data through Learning and Optimization Technologies) acts in the medical imaging software market, developing advanced quantification tools that help clinicians and radiologists make faster and more accurate decisions for diagnosis and therapy. The company commercializes its solutions both as stand-alone products and as modules for OEM integration into Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).

The company commitment in providing effective solutions to real industry problems has rapidly brought CAMELOT to establish a large network of strategic relationships, and be chosen as coordinator of POLITECMED, a regional consortium of large enterprises and SMEs involved in the biomedical industry, with the collaboration of research institutions.

The success of CAMELOT is based on its ability to combine its staff strong technical know-how, with a genuine market orientation. The success in medical imaging has pushed CAMELOT to explore new markets where its expertise in generating valuable knowledge from data represents a competitive advantage. Today CAMELOT customizes and integrates its solutions in products of the broader healthcare industry as well as of other industries.